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vegan charcuterie board

The Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board


A beautiful array of vegan cheese, fresh and dried fruit, veggies, seeds, crackers, and pita pockets, and crispbread. complemented by a variety of dips and spreads. The perfect centerpiece for holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, or any event that will wow family, friends, and guests.



Raw vegetables 

- red radishes

- snap peas

- celery

- carrots

- endive

- fennel bulb

Fresh fruit

- strawberries

- orange segments

- apple slices

Dried fruit:

- dates 

- apple chips

Nuts & seeds

- macadamia nuts

- almonds

- toasted pumpkin seeds

Nut cheeses & spreads or other spreadable cheese of your choice


- All-fruit raspberry jam 

- All-fruit apricot jam

Black olives


Gluten-free pita bread

Parsley sprigs


1. Prep ahead: Use a cutting board that you will not be using as your presentation board. Cut up all of the fruit and vegetables. Place the hummus, olives, and jams in serving bowls. Pre-slice any block cheeses.

2. Assemble the board: Wipe down a large wooden cutting board. Place the bowls onto the board. Next, add the sliced fruits and vegetables, building around the bowls. Arrange the crackers as well.

3. Fill in the gaps: Add little piles of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits in any open areas. Place garnishes of fresh parsley sprigs as the final touch. Serve right away or cover the board with plastic wrap and refrigerate.